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14 May Fighting Coronavirus: CBD and CBG
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Since early 2020, the world Coronavirus has become a matter of nightmares. A mysterious virus that is rapidly spreading and causing death. Originally, this origin of this virus was linked to a market in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Millions of people have been quarantined in Asia. The virus has reache..
22 Apr CBD For Mom
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CBD For Mom: Products Reduce Stress, Increase Sleep for MomsMoms take on one of the hardest jobs any person can do. With babies, toddlers and even teenagers, Moms face challenges every day in getting kids – and the household – through the day. But what about getting Moms through the day? Studies hav..
22 Apr Researchers Work on CBD Treatment for COVID-19
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So here we are, a few months after the first COVID-19 case was officially diagnosed, and this disease has pretty much taken over every aspect of our lives. It’s constantly in the news, most of the world is on some level of lockdown, and people are looking for that light at the end of the tunnel.Alth..
22 Apr The Flu and CBD
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Flu season is in full swing and people are looking for relief wherever they can find it. CBD (cannabidiol) is often promoted as a way to diminish the symptoms of flu and common cold, but does it actually work?You always know when it hits; sore throat, stuffy nose, coughing and sneezing eventually gi..
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